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Scott's first focus is always about controlling light. For the main light, it's the diffusion panel. For the all important fill light, the ultimate and most simple method of control is with a special high efficiency umbrella. Controlling the amount of fill light is incredibly easy but ONLY if you have an umbrella that is extremely efficient in reflecting light. The problem with the typical white or frosted silver umbrellas, is that they are not very efficient. If the inside reflective surface of the umbrella was as shinny as the bright side of aluminum foil, it would return a very high percentage of the light striking it and most importantly, provide directional control that is not possible with an ordinary umbrella. It is this ability to focus the light in a specific direction (like a radar dish) that provides the ability to control the amount of fill light reaching the subject. Simply turning the umbrella toward the subject or away controls the amount of fill lighting reaching the subject. No other method gives this kind of control.
After years of searching for the perfect umbrella, we finally, have it! The LightingMagic Umbrella is THE umbrella for efficient light return and fill light control. Bright silver on the inside and black on the outside, this umbrella is NOT one of those hollow shaft, flimsy ones that is easily damaged. It  is tough, with a solid aluminum shaft and heavy gauge "U" channel bracing throughout. It's made to last a lifetime. It costs a bit more than the average umbrella but as soon as you see it, you understand why. If you have the space, we recommend the 52" model for the softest quality of fill light. It also comes in 42" size.


$95.00  42" size
$125.00  52" size

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