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Wild giant pandas are found only
in southwestern China.
They live in damp, misty forests
of bamboo and trees.

Question: "What are pandas?
Bear, Raccoon or what?"
The giant panda is a bear.

How much does a panda weigh?
The answer is 165-353 pounds.

They have poor vision but their
sense of smell is very good.


The panda eats mostly bamboo
but also has been known to eat fish,
rodents, vines, mushrooms and rice grass.

Pandas love bamboo so much
that they can eat from
20 to 80 pounds at one time.
They usually drink water once each day.

Did you know that there are
brown and white pandas?
There are but they are very rare.

Do you know how many pandas
are left in the world?
Only about 1000.

Pandas are an endangered animal
so we must protect them.