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It's no secret that I have been using diffusion panels in the camera room for over twentyfive years. I use them for their flexibility and the total control they give me in changing the size and quality of my main light. In an instant, I can go from a large, soft light, to a small, hard light. No other light modifier can do this. While there are other panels on the market, none of them seem to be tall enough to work with a subject while standing. In fact, the ones I have seen are only six feet tall and are so light weight that they easily fall over if you just brush against them. My panels are seven feet tall and are built with schedule 40 PVC pipe that is very sturdy, giving superior stability in the camera room. Seven feet tall is the size that I recommend in order to have a main light that is high enough to do a portrait of an adult while standing such as in a bridal sitting. They are also used for head and shoulders portraits, glamour, pet portraits, couples, small groups and commercial product photography.  For a more detailed look at why panels are superior light sources, click here. To see the images that Scott has made using diffusion panels, Click Here.

Our panels measure 40 inches wide for the white and 30 inches wide for the black and are 7 feet tall. The black panel provides the support for the white panel and blocks light from striking your lens.

Our panels are made with high quality materia selected for it's ability to diffuse light. They are professionally seamed at the edges and have heavy elastic corners already sewn in. They are complete and ready to use. All you have to do is buy a few dollars worth of PVC and a few fittings and you are in business. My daughter was able to build these frames at the age of 9. We provide complete directions and no special tools are required. It's a fun project. We provide "C" clips that easily snap onto the panel frames joining them together so they will stand on their own.

Regular Panel Kit

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