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Hello and thank you for visiting LightingMagic.com. As many of you know, and many of you don't, we lost our home to a house fire. Anyone who has been through such an experience knows that picking up the pieces of your life is truly an endless tast. We lived in a hotel for 18 full months while contractors were located and hired and endless details and problems resolved.

During this time, I designed our new home from scratch on my computer which took many months. The end result is a new home nearly three times larger than the previous with a new second floor and a huge facility that functions as a location for my seminars, camera room and other projects. My future seminars will now be in a comfortable, spacious facility that everyone will enjoy.

The future is very bright but I have much left to do including updating all of my books so they are current and also adding the long awaited Posing Made Simple book. It all takes a huge amount of time but little by little I will be getting it done. My web site will also be rebuilt from scratch. In the mean time the information on it is still perfectly good and as always, free for the using. Yes, you may still write to me with technical questions anytime you need help and I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.

We lost all of our book stock and some of my product stock in the fire and have not yet been able to replenish some items. I do have some stock however and you are encouraged to write to me or call and ask if you are interested in somthing. Thank you for your support and trust over the years. We are on our way back a little at a time.

Seminars: My seminars have been on hold but we are now ready to do seminars in our wonderful new facility. Because my seminars now take place on our own property, I do not have to build in the cost of expensive hotel meeting rooms. That makes having a learning experience here, more affordable than ever. Please contact me if you wish to have a private one on one seminar or to arrange a seminar for a number of photographers from your area. We can make it happen! I will soon be offering regular semiars but again, you are encouraged to contact me about one one one learning.

Thank you again for all  your understanding and patience during our time of rebuilding.


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